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Which way?

Whether it's in a driving navigation scenario (a lot of the time) or a big life question scenario, I am sure we have all wrestled with which way to go and how to get there.

For the past couple of months I have been having numerous conversations with God, pleading him (literally begging haha) to tell me which way to go. I have felt like my life does not have any clear direction or a clear path paved out in front of me. I have never been one of those people who knew what they were going to do a from a young age and actually do it. Fortunately, but can seem unfortunate at times, I love many things and I actually have a good variety of skills but this can turn my brain into a bit of mash potato when it comes to making life decisions.

Honestly, I have not enjoyed this state of limbo. I feel like I have been at the starting line of a race for so long and not even known if I am at the right race or not?!

In another one of my pleading matches with God the other day, He sneakily popped a verse into my head.

"I am the way and the truth and the life" John 14:6

Now when I opened my bible and explored this for myself I actually laughed lol. Because Jesus was responding to Thomas who said "Lord, we don't know where we are going, so how can we know the way?" Now, I know in the context of this story in John 14 the disciples were a little bit confused as to where they were actually going and where this place Jesus was talking about. Jesus was talking about the 'Father's house' and that Jesus was going to prepare a place for them (us too), but Jesus also said to his disciples that "you know the way to the place I am going". And you know how the disciples knew the way? Because they knew Jesus.

Jesus is the way.

And since reading and trying to understand what Jesus was saying in that piece of scripture, my soul feels lined with p e a c e.

I think God imparted that scripture into my thoughts that day because He wanted me to refocus what I thought 'The Way' was.** And honestly that way means not following mine. The future trajectory for my life looks more like an act of surrender and the sense of not ever knowing. Yes, it still definitely feels scary at times and I still have waves feeling overwhelmed wash over me when I think too much into my future.

Can I encourage you that in these moments you may have also (hopefully I am not alone in this), to reach out and grab onto Jesus' way.

A way that may seem scary and unsure and HARD, let us not forget that it is also hard to surrender completely and it is not a one tick process.

And the funny thing is I don't think we will ever fully know where Jesus is leading us, but that is the beauty in being able to hold someone's hand.

So, I encourage you to reach out your hand and let Jesus grab onto it so He can guide you, navigate you, pull you and sometimes even force you (I am stubborn and I need forcing a lot). Jesus' way is the way. He knows where He is going and He knows what you need to do to lead a life that is not just for you.

Ok, so how I do apply this to my life practically?...

**Our own individual path may be uncertain, but as a Christian there are fundamental ways of living whilst we are on 'the way'. Have a look at what Billy Graham said about fundamentals for Christian living.

  • Be in conversation with God.

  • Allow yourself to be led everyday, in the small things and the big things.

  • Try really hard to not compare yourself to other people's 'way'.

  • Don't rush. 'Rome wasn't built in a day'.

  • Be yourself.

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